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Building Dreams, Nurturing Aspirations and Strengthening Communities through Mentoring, Personal Development and Responsible Citizenship  

About iMentor Ghana

At iMentor Ghana, we are passionate about youth development and strengthening communities. We provide young people with the tools and resources they need to build skills for the future and become leaders in their communities. Our team of experienced mentors works closely with young adults, providing them with guidance, support, and inspiration to help them achieve their goals and realize their full potential. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to succeed, and we are committed to making that a reality for all.



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The seeming gap between the older generation and the current generation has led to the loss of vital societal norms, values and in some instances institutional memory. Our program ensures an enduring mentor-mentee relationship to promote higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships while avoiding risky behaviours.


Leadership Development

Looking to make a difference in the world? Start by joining our Leadership Development program. We believe in developing youth into ethical and responsible leaders to inspire hope for the future. Our program provides engaging activities and opportunities to help young people create positive change in their communities. Discover your full potential and make an impact with us!


Capacity Building

We offer a comprehensive capacity-building program for young adults looking to enhance their professional skills and achieve educational and or career success. Our program includes grooming, life planning, and personal development training designed to help you reach your full potential. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow and develop, and let us help you build a brighter future.

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